3 Things Mothers Teach Us About God


Mother’s Day has come and gone but the significance of mothers and all that they do for us has yet ceased to exit my mind.

Mothers are the catalyst for human life, and if you look across history, it was the faith and love of mothers that carried men to their destinies. Monica for Saint Augustine, Susannah for John Wesley, Jochebed for Moses, and the list goes on and on! Mothers are powerful and play an integral role in shaping our generation(s).

As I began to ponder and explore the true strength and love of mothers, I found three things that they teach us about God: Continue reading “3 Things Mothers Teach Us About God”


If You Died Today Would You Go to Heaven?


It was a normal day for eighteen-year-old Corinn Linkowski. She was on her way to work after her classes at a local college. It had recently snowed and she had driven this road numerous times in the snow, but today was different. Today would be her last. Continue reading “If You Died Today Would You Go to Heaven?”

Letting Death Teach Me How to Live



It’s a word that keeps many off of airplanes, haunts their dreams, and keeps them locked into a tight embrace of fear.

I’m going to say something that may be odd, but I think some of life’s greatest gifts are found in the strangest places. When I think about death, what comes to mind is the most interesting book of the Bible, in my opinion, Ecclesiastes. Sometimes it’s confusing to read as we grapple with paradox after paradox about God’s view of life through His eyes. Continue reading “Letting Death Teach Me How to Live”

4 Reasons Christian Teens Should Care About Politics



It’s not uncommon for me to come upon a Christian who jokingly quips that, “I’m just not interested in politics,” or “Politics just aren’t my thing” especially in light of the upcoming presidential elections just one year away. I was talking with a peer my age the other day about this very topic and he made a statement in which made me pause and think.

“Politics aren’t everything but they are important and a Christian’s responsibility.”

Think about that. Continue reading “4 Reasons Christian Teens Should Care About Politics”

Calling Abortion What It Really Is


Abortion–a word that is rarely talked about.

I’m not talking about the word “abortion.” We hear that word a lot in the public space, but we rarely hear about it. Abortion almost always refers to something else. It is a woman’s right to choose, a litmus test for judicial nominees, and is often referred to as an example of what is symptomatically wrong with the social discourse of America.

Continue reading “Calling Abortion What It Really Is”

Author Interview: Given Hoffman + GIVEAWAY

Hello, guys!

I’m so excited to have the chance to interview Given Hoffman, a young adult suspense novelist. She was kind enough to give me a copy of her book, The Eighth Ransom, to review and let me tell you, this book is so good! I don’t have enough words to describe how well and masterfully written it is.

I hope you enjoy this interview and keep reading till the end for a chance to win your own digital copy of The Eighth Ransom

Let’s get into the interview….. Continue reading “Author Interview: Given Hoffman + GIVEAWAY”

Understanding the Basics of LGBTQ+ : a Christian teen’s perspective


Most Christians know that there is something wrong with the LGBTQ+ mindset and beliefs, and perhaps because of the lack of openness in the church about it, and because of the world’s acceptance of it, we may know what we’ve been taught, but we may not know exactly why we believe what we believe. Continue reading “Understanding the Basics of LGBTQ+ : a Christian teen’s perspective”