Upcoming Changes + A Giveaway


I received a notification from WordPress the other day congratulating me on the four years I’ve been blogging—that’s a long time! It’s been a beautiful journey of self-discovery, cultivating a deeper understanding of who God is, and connecting with my readers. The Narrow Road for Teens has been a huge blessing in my life (and hopefully yours as well) and has provided me with opportunities that I never imagined possible. Continue reading “Upcoming Changes + A Giveaway”


Recasting Self-Love



These are two words that many of us do not feel for ourselves–and if we do–we are sometimes told that we simply love ourselves too much. 

How can we love ourselves too much when the suicide rate among young people has skyrocketed in recent years? How can we love ourselves too much when children in elementary school are developing eating disorders? How can we love ourselves too much when we can’t stand to look in the mirror?  Continue reading “Recasting Self-Love”

When Dreams Come True


I had a dream

I got everything I wanted

Not what you’d think

And if I’m bein’ honest

It might’ve been a nightmare

To anyone who might care. 

everything i wanted – Billie Eilish 

We all want to be happy. You know it in your heart and research confirms it too. 

Several years go, Harvard psychology professor Daniel Gilbert wrote a fascinating book called Stumbling on Happiness. His premise is, “…people want to be happy, and all other things they want are meant to be a means to that end.” Continue reading “When Dreams Come True”

Christmas – A Celebration of the Unexpected


Fantasies are dangerous things, especially during the Christmas season. I’m not talking about Narnia type fantasies, rather, I’m talking about the kind of fantasies, desires, and expectations we construct in our heads about what we want during Christmas. If people, events, or circumstances don’t meet our expectations, we are left reeling with feelings of let-down, depression, or at times, even anger. Continue reading “Christmas – A Celebration of the Unexpected”

To the Hurting This Christmas



The woman’s hands shook gently as she hung the last ornament on the tree, eyes shining with unshed tears as she gently traced the face of her deceased husband through the glass of the ornament.

Just down the street stood a father outside his son’s bedroom door, begging him to let him in so he can keep him from hurting himself again. 

On the other side of town, there is a teenager staring at herself in the mirror with self-contempt, wondering how she’ll make it through another day.  Continue reading “To the Hurting This Christmas”

Choosing Thanksgiving–No Matter the Circumstance


He knew the next footsteps in the corridor might be those of the guards taking him away to his execution. His only bed was the hard, cold stone floor of the dank, cramped prison cell. Not an hour passed when he was free from the constant irritation of the chains and the pain of the iron manacles cutting into his wrists and legs. Continue reading “Choosing Thanksgiving–No Matter the Circumstance”

4 Methods of Self-Reflection and How It Will Deepen Your Walk With Christ 


When times are difficult, it’s easy to lose focus and get distracted. 

Just like the disciples tossed back and forth in the waves as noted in Matthew 14:24, we often fear disaster. We often forget how to row, we panic, we fear the trajectory of our ship, and we fail to look to the One whose word can calm the raging sea. 

The storms that life throw our way can consume us in its dizzying force and cause us to lose sight of the state of our heart, the words that we speak, the thoughts of our mind, and the state of our spiritual health. We become so consumed with simply surviving, we forget what’s important to God. Then, before we know it, we are in need of some serious soul-searching and time for inward reflection.    Continue reading “4 Methods of Self-Reflection and How It Will Deepen Your Walk With Christ “