5 Books Every Christian Should Read About Relationships


Valentine’s day has come and gone, but while we are still somewhat on the topic, I want to share with you some of the best books that every Christian should read about relationships…even if you are single.

It is my belief that you are never too young to start learning about how to have healthy, God-honoring relationships. My basis for this belief goes off the analogy of a helicopter that goes somewhat like this. Continue reading “5 Books Every Christian Should Read About Relationships”


It’s The Little Things…


The smell of banana bread hits my nose, the laughter of my sister echoes in the background, a soothing lullaby of familiarity.

It didn’t occur to me until recently, but I love the little things in life!

I love the simplicity, the quiet beauty, and the way these small things offer a comforting hug.

What are these little things you wonder?  Continue reading “It’s The Little Things…”

18 Ways To Make Christmas More Meaningful


Christmas is a wonderful time of year filled with secret shopping trips for your family and friends, hot chocolate, tree decorating, snow (if you don’t live on the West Coast as I do), and beloved Christmas songs and carols. But all those things are not what Christmas is about, no Christmas is more than the commercialism, and while the traditions are nice they are not the essence of Christmas. Continue reading “18 Ways To Make Christmas More Meaningful”