My Article on Secondly Magazine: why were we created?


I love the questions that John Bolt proposes in chapter 2 of his biography of Herman Bavinck, “Bavinck on The Christian Life,” dealing with the matter of why God created us. Bolt asks his readers; why were we created, and for what purpose, who are we now, and who will we become in glory? I would like (to the best of my abilities) to try and answer these questions:

1# Why were we created, and for what purpose? Continue reading “My Article on Secondly Magazine: why were we created?”

What Did We Expect?


Like most Christians, I was shocked when Disney announced that it was going to be featuring the first “exclusively gay moment” in the live action movie Beauty and the Beast. I was angry that Disney had ruined a classic family movie, and my initial thoughts were, “How could they do this!? This is terrible!”

Honestly though, this news shouldn’t shock us. Kristen Clark, from the Girl Defined blog, said something in a recent post that deals with this same issue. I thought she hit the nail on the head. Continue reading “What Did We Expect?”