About The Blogger:

Rebekah is a sixteen-year-old whose passion for writing and Jesus collided and inspired her to start this blog. She loves the God she serves with all her heart and she strives to become more like Him every day.

She has guest written for various websites including, the RebelutionFervr, and Secondly Magazine. She is a staff writer for Top Christian Books as well as a professional freelancer. You can find out more about her services here.

She just finished her first book and is currently co-authoring with the amazing K. E. Stanton.

In her free time, she enjoys piano, guitar, ukulele, singing, writing, and reading books about theology and anything mystery.

Her blog is about walking the narrow, radical road called Christianity as a teenager.

She is so excited to see what God has for her future and hopes that what she writes encourages and inspires you to walk the narrow road.