Waiting and Why You Shouldn’t Hate It


Waiting is hard.

No, waiting is agonizing.

It’s hard to wait when I don’t know the outcome… Continue reading “Waiting and Why You Shouldn’t Hate It”


Called Out of Fear


You called me out from the grave
So I can live like I’ve been changed
There is a new song in my soul
And it begins when I breathe in
Your word of life

Word of Life by Jeremy Camp

I was on my way to the chiropractor and in the midst of a panic attack when I first heard this song on the radio. The words, “You called me out of the grave..” really spoke to me and in that moment, I heard the voice of God whisper in my ear Continue reading “Called Out of Fear”

Accepting God For What He Is


I was reading, “The Pursuit of God”, by A.W. Tozer recently and came across a passage that resonated with me and stopped me in my tracks.

“Much of our difficulty as searching Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly. We insist upon trying to modify Him and bring Him nearer to our own image. The flesh whimpers against God’s inexorable sentence and begs like Agag for a little mercy, a little indulgence of its carnal ways. It is no use. We can get a right start only by accepting God as He is and by learning to love Him for what He is.”

Do me a favor and reread that passage again, except this time read it slowly and intently. Let the words soak into your heart and let your soul ring with the truth of the content. When I read above, I’m being convicted Continue reading “Accepting God For What He Is”

Why Christians Should Read Fairy Tales


The world of folklore and fairy tales can be a harsh one. I became aware of this when I went to a book signing event at my local library and was able to have an interesting chat with the author of the book, Far, Far Away a national book award finalist. I had not previously read any fantasy books as I prefer historical fiction, and during this conversation we came upon the topic of Continue reading “Why Christians Should Read Fairy Tales”

Have A Little Grace…On Yourself



I hate making mistakes, and I think that many of you reading this would say the same thing.

I hate the feeling that I let others down, let God down, and myself down. I’m a perfectionist and I have to do things right and when I don’t, I tend to beat myself up and obesses over it.

When others make mistakes though, it’s a whole different story. What makes it different?  Continue reading “Have A Little Grace…On Yourself”