Breaking Free Indeed:

Breaking Free Indeed is a Christian site that seeks to help people break free from various types of bondage and addiction that keeps them from being the person that God wants them to be.

The Rebelution:

The Rebelution is a Christian ministry/organization for youth, describing itself as “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.” Founded in August of 2005 by twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris, the younger brothers of best-selling author Joshua Harris. They have published two books, “Do Hard Things” and the sequel “Start Here”. Since then their website has had over 32 million hits from around the world.

Reviving the Redeemed:

Reviving the Redeemed is a site designed for Christian teenagers to share prayer request and build each other up and to equip each other to do hard things for the glory of His kingdom  in a safe online environment.

Age of Minority:

Is a podcast for youth about the Gospel. Hosted by 19-year-old Jaquelle Crowe, editor-in-chief of the Rebelution, and her dad Sean Crowe. Jaquelle and Sean love to talk about all things related to being a young person who is interested on how the gospel can transform his or her life.