Living Well In A Technology Centered World Pt. 2: Rejecting Invisibility



Job 24:16

“In the dark, they dig into their houses, they shut themselves up by day; they do not know the light.”

On the Internet, it is easy to hide behind a mask of anonymity. We are just strangers alone in a dark room floating around in cyberspace with no one holding us accountable for the things that we choose to see, take part in, and say… uh, I mean type. Continue reading “Living Well In A Technology Centered World Pt. 2: Rejecting Invisibility”


Character Interview: Guest Post By Dawn Dagger


*Author’s Note;

Hi, everyone! Dawn Dagger here, and today I will be interviewing Brooks, who is one of the characters from my soon to be released book, “My British Bear.”

Kudos to Bekah for putting up with me, I was supposed to do a guest post but I got lazy and time crunched. So, I begged to do a character interview instead, and she graced me with her patience and agreed.

Love you, Bekah! 


Continue reading “Character Interview: Guest Post By Dawn Dagger”

My British Bear Book Review And Giveaway!

3D Book My British Bear.png

“After two months of hell living with her uncle, Maria is ready to give up. She’s already lost everything, and has no one to hold on to. Stuck in a small town where she knows not a single person, and physically abused by her uncle, she sees no hope. The only respite she gets from the hits on all sides is the small coffee shop down the road.

After an unlikely accident resulting in meeting a backwards British kid who is too polite and awkward for his own good, Maria starts to see a light in the darkness, but she’s also afraid of it. Continue reading “My British Bear Book Review And Giveaway!”

Living Well In A Technology Centered World Pt 1: Rejecting Distractions

Living Well In A Technology Centered World Pt. 1

*Author’s Note:

This post is a 3 part miniseries over the course of several weeks.

In the last couple decades, we have entered into the vast world of technology and although some time has passed since the first iPhone came out, we as humans (and as Christians) are still learning how to live in and with technology. Continue reading “Living Well In A Technology Centered World Pt 1: Rejecting Distractions”

Hope Is Never Lost

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“For he wounds, but he binds up; he shatters, but his hands heal.” 

Job 5:18

Why does God allow suffering?

This is an age old question that I wish I could answer. I wish I understood why He lets bad things happen to good people, and I wish I understood why people have to go through horrific things. This is a mystery that we may never understand for as the Lord says, “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways, my ways.’” (Isaiah 55:8) Continue reading “Hope Is Never Lost”