10 Things That Make Me Happy


Life has been busy lately, and I wanted to take some time to just pause and reflect on what is making me happy these days. So, here are a few fun, silly, and simple things that are making me smile.


#1 Vanilla ice cream.

#2 Beth Crowley’s new single, “Battle Cry.” This song is… phenomenal! I encourage you to go and listen by clicking this link here.

#3 Blogilates. Looking for a fun and challenging way to exercise? Then this hit YouTube fitness channel is for you.

#4 Watermelon.

#5  The approaching month of August. I have some really fun things coming to this blog at the end of that month so stay tuned!

#6 The Valley of Vision. This book is seriously something that every Christian needs to own and read.

#7 Virgil’s zero root beer. Sugar free, no calories, no carbs, no caffeine, and it tastes great! What more could I want in a soda?

#8 Mandisa’s new album, “Out Of The Dark.”

#9 Age of Minority podcast. This is a podcast for youth about the Gospel and it is (in my opinion) a must hear for every teen! It is funny, deeply theological, and extremely applicable topics for youth. I cannot recommend this enough!

#10 My amazing family. 

What’s making you happy? Comment down below!




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