What Are You Reading?


I love reading, and I love asking people what they are reading. So, for those of you who are curious, and want to know what I am reading, here is a handy-dandy little list of the notable books that I recommend.


The Reason for God by Timothy Keller – In this masterpiece of a book, Keller makes a convincing argument for the reasons people don’t believe in God. He represents his opponents fairly, yet he masterfully dissembles their case in a concise, and convincing manner. A book that every Christian should read at least once!

My Dearest Friend: letters of Abigail and John Adams by Margaret A. Hogan – A fun look at one of the truly brilliant leaders of in our history, and his wife, Abigail. A bit of a heavy read, but definitely worth the time invested into it.

The Confession of X by  Suzanne M. Wolfe – This is a deeply moving novel that is based on the church father, Augustine, and his secret wife. She is a woman who has been forgotten by history. Wolfe leads you on a journey that you won’t soon forget. I stayed up late to finish this one, and I am certainly glad I did!

Bruchko by Bruce Olson – This is the stunning true story of missionary Bruce Olson, who left behind his comfortable life in the State at the young age of 19 to evangelize the murderous tribes of South America. What an inspiring, impactful, read as well as a great reminder that with God, anything is possible.

Bavinck On The Christian Life: following Jesus in faithful service by John Bolt – This is one of the most insightful and impactful books that I have ever read. The nuggets of wisdom in this book are amazing, and I am so glad I have read it. In fact, I have a whole notebook filled with insights that I have gained from reading this gem.

Gladys Alyward: the adventure of a lifetime by Janet and Geoff Benge – Wow! I have no words to describe what I feel for this book. This is the true story of a woman who devoted herself to Christ, and would do anything for His people. This book is powerful and inspirational. This account is truly one of the greatest missionary stories of our era.

Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis Majors – This book will make you laugh and cry. The deeply moving story of then 19-year-old missionary Katie Davis, is the story of hope, unconditional love, and finding beauty in the broken. I love this book, and I can’t wait for her next book which is expected to be released October 2017! You can pre-order her brand new book here.

What Are You Reading? 



4 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?”

  1. Wow these all look like great books! I’ll have to check them out! I’m always looking for good books to read. I have read one of them – Kisses from Katie – and I loved that one. 🙂 And I can’t wait for her new book either!! Right now I’m reading a book called Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges and it’s been pretty good so far. Well, thanks for all of those book recommendations Bekah!

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  2. Bruchko and Kisses from Katie are some of my all time favorites! *does a double take* *heads to Amazon* I didn’t know she had another book coming!!!

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