Keeping The Faith When The Days Get Hard


Okay, I  know that a lot of you by now have probably had some low days where nothing seems to go right. Its so depressing! You just don’t even want to face the day, all you want to do is curl up in bed and start over. Believe me I have had those days as well and I just get so discouraged and depressed. So I have made a list of things to keep in mind in the midst of those days.

  1.  God has conquered the world
  2. God is in total control… Even when it feels like He’s not
  3. He will never leave us
  4. He is our ever loving father and He will protect and fight for us in the midst of our sadness and frustration
  5. He knows that these days make you a stronger and better person
  6. God wants us to keep a positive mind set, its hard to be frustrated when your thankful or positive =)
  7. Quote encouraging scripture this is one I like to use a lot!
  8. Pray and surrender your burdens to the One who knows you best

I hope this helps and remember, keep your head high and your faith strong then you can get through with whatever life throws at you.


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