God Loves You


God loves you.

It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself, He loves you.

He died for you and bared the sins of this world on His shoulders for you.

He was the tortured and ridiculed for you.

He was rejected and scorned for you.

He experienced the most brutal death of all for… You.

I know that you don’t think you’re anything special or ever worth dying for but you know what? You are.

You are worth more than the most expensive thing in this world and you are worth more than whatever you may think about yourself. Even if you get up in the morning and look in the mirror and hate what you see, know you are worth more than you could ever comprehend.

You may think that you are the worst thing that has ever happened to this world and that you will never be worthy of the love that Jesus gives but… You are.

You may be the meanest kid in school or the worst Christian in the history of Christians (or so you think!) Maybe you have done things that you think make you unredeemable. But you know what? God doesn’t see all that, all He sees when He looks at you is a…





Human being who is more than worthy of the love that He gives.

He Loves You

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in this universe that you could ever do or think that could change that.

You Are Loved





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