Secular College Vs. Christian College


Some of you who are in your last few years in high school are probably thinking about what colleges you want to go to, what careers you want to have and all that good stuff. Now a lot of you are probably going to Christian college, but I know of some people who are playing around with the idea of going to secular college. Now please understand that I definitely do not support or encourage you to go to secular college but I saw a question on the that goes along these lines, so I decided to explore this question a little deeper. I had a hard time finding a lot of pros for secular colleges but I wanted to have a well rounded post so I tried to find at least some good points, but believe me there aren’t many! Happy reading and I hope you enjoy “Secular College Vs. Christian College.”

Community College/University’s and Secular Collages: The Pros

1. Community colleges are great because they are less expensive than a Christian university or seminary

2. You will get more interaction with other world views and are more or less connected to the “real world” so to speak (which is not that great of a thing for us Christians! But then again we don’t want to be stuck in the “Christian bubble”)

3. Universities’ and secular college  can be more of a modern missionary field that a Christian colleges/Seminary for reasons I think you know) 😉

4. Your faith will be strengthened because of the adversity around you (this one really depends on how strong your own personal walk is with Christ and whether or not you are strong enough to handle intense peer pressure. Believe me there will be peer pressure and plenty of opportunities for you to give in to temptation and compromise your beliefs. So… you’ve been warned!) 

 Community Colleges/University’s and Secular Colleges: The Cons 

1. You have professors who teach with a humanistic worldview and probably believes in Evolution or who knows what!

2. You have a “party hard” atmosphere

3. Plenty of temptations and opportunities to compromise and doubt your Christian faith

4. Intense peer pressure and adversity (and by intense I mean intense!)      

5. You are having an unbiblical worldview taught to you every single day for four years and at some point you probably are going to start to question your faith

6. You will have friends and roommates that are not going to be supportive of your Christian lifestyle and they will do everything they can to lure you down their path of destruction

Now that we have covered secular college pros and cons let us dive into the next course!

  Christian College/University’s: The Pros 

1. Christian professors who teach with a Christian worldview

2. If your looking for a spouse with the same beliefs as you then Christian college is the place to go

3. You will face less peer pressure and chances to compromise you faith and what you believe in (this is a big one for me!)

4. You will have the opportunity to learn from older and seasoned Christians who put their particular fields that they are studying in the light of faith

5. You will receive an education of the highest level because Christian colleges and universities take your education very seriously. They understand that they are preparing students to go out into the world as disciples for Christ. They want you to be fully equipped with the tools and knowledge that you will need so that you may go out into an unbelieving world with confidence and truth. For this reason academic standards at Christian college and universities are higher than those of a secular college or university.

6. You will get a Christian worldview in a modern classroom

7.Christian Colleges and university’s have less temptations (but also understand that there will certainly still be temptations at Christians colleges and university’s just not as many as a secular college)

8. Its easier to find a good group of grounded Christian friends 

Christian College/University’s: The Cons     

1. You tend to live in a Christian bubble as some call it when you are surrounded with Christians and strong grounded friends (you are a bright light in a an already lit room so to speak.)

2. Christian colleges and university’s are expensive!

3. Some majors that you may be interested in are not taught (did you know that some Christian colleges don’t offer an astronomy program?) 

The Conclusion

Looking at both arguments I find that the Christian colleges have more more pros and less cons. I personally believe that going to CC (Christian college) is better and more ideal then a SC (secular college) but that’s my opinion. If you were considering going to a SC then I hope I talked you out of it! 🙂 Whatever decision you may choose may God bless you and keep you my friend! 


Comment down below on your thoughts on this subject! 


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