How to Find Your Passion



What’s your passion?

Is it taking care of kids?

Is it playing sports?

Is it helping others?

Is it music?

Is it art?

I know a lot of teens my age and older don’t know what their passion is and a few years ago I was on that same boat. I wondered, “What makes me special? What’s my passion? And how do I find that passion?” I enjoyed doing a lot of things and I loved doing things that were interesting but what exactly was my passion?

I didn’t know.

But you ask, “Then how did you find your passion?”

I tried new things, I tried researching subjects that were interesting and new for me (I didn’t know how fascinating Microbiology could be until I researched it and got to know it a little better). I had been wanting to teach myself how to play the guitar and piano for a while but the thought of teaching myself something like that was a little intimidating  but, I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried something new. Now I love, love, love, music and I didn’t know how fun it could be until I tried it… Now I’ve got the music bug! 😉

My real passion however, is helping people. I love to care and look out for others because it gives me a feeling like no other and it makes me happy, energized and content. I always loved to help people, I just never realized that helping people could be a passion.

Do you have something that you love to do but don’t think it’s a passion? Maybe it’s something like crafting or writing short stories or maybe even collecting something. (Fun Fact: I like to collect inspiring quotes) No matter how small the passion don’t be afraid to make it yours! 

Passions are found by trying new things and having new experiences…. Not just sitting around and hoping that something will come your way. 

Here are some practical ways to start finding your passion:

1) Volunteer

How do you know that you love children’s ministry if you don’t volunteer at your church? How do you know you are interested in missions if you don’t participate in a missions trip? How would you know that you have a heart for the homeless if you don’t volunteer at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen? 

2) Read, And Read Widely!

This is probably my favorite tip! Explore and research different topics that you haven’t yet experienced, because how will you know you like it if you haven’t tried it?

3)Watch TED Talks

I found out about TED talks from the Co-founder of the The Rebelution. TED talks is a non-profit organization devoted to sharing ideas worth spreading. So instead of aimlessly watching random videos on YouTube, watch amazing, inspiring talks from some of the leading pioneers of today.

(Note: This is not an endorsement of all TED Talks videos. TED Talks is not a Christian organization so obviously, as with all things, use discernment and do not believe everything you hear.) 

4) Never quit trying!

Can’t find your passion at your first attempt? If you give up now you are sure to fail. Instead, keep trying new things and ask God to show you the passion that He wants for you. 

I hope these practical tips to get you started on finding your passion was helpful and if so I would love to know! So remember to comment down below:) 


This post was inspired by and email I got from the Rebelution’s email list.



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